mood indigo entertainment is an Artist Management company that specializes in Artist, Career and Legacy Development.  Consulting and tailor-made Marketing services are also available.

Please note please refer to individual artists for the most up-to-date and complete information;  the information below is merely an overview.  

Current active artist management clients:  

 Ben Arthur (sonaBLAST!) 

 KaiL Baxley *(Forty Below)                                                                                 * denotes, co-managed w/Susan Rosenberg @ Magenta

 Tai Burnette (earmovies)

 The Howlin' Brothers (Readymade)   

 If Birds Could Fly                                                                                                            

 LIRA(Otarel Music)                                                                                                *denotes in North America & The Caribbean only

 Amy Speace (Wind Bone)

also doing Product Management for CEN (Creative Entertainment Network) on:  

            Paul Kelly (Dawd Aggie) 


John Porter                                                                      
(917) 301-7528                                                            
Past mood indigo artist management clients include:  Antje Duvekot (Dandelion),  Spain (Glitterhouse), THE CHAPIN SISTERS *(Lake Bottom), Zoë Keating (020202), Carrie Rodriguez *(Ninth Street Opus), Kaiser Cartel *(Daniel Records) Patty Hurst Shifter (pants on fire),  Michelle Shocked (Mighty Sound), Ben Taylor (Iris), Rodney Crowell (Sony Nashville), aqualung *(Slightly Bigger/Columbia),  Alejandro Escovedo, David Halley* (dos), Lisa Mednick *(Deja Disc), Pat McLaughlin (Dos), Catie Curtis (Guardian/EMI), and the subdudes *(High Street).  While working for other mgmt. companies (Mike Robertson Mgmt. & Vector Mgmt.), artists' managed included:  The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Rising Tide), Kris Tyler (Rising Tide), the subdudes, and Joe Ely *(MCA Nashville). In 2009-2010 Porter worked for Sony International in their SIN division.  Projects he worked on included:  Boom Boom Satellites, Human NatureKate Miller-Heidke, KrokusNEeMA, and 7 Worlds Collide. In 2007-2008 Porter was doing marketing and artist development for bluhammock music whose artists included:  Cary Brothers, Jim Boggia, Kaiser Cartel, Kristoffer Ragnstam, sOuth, Swati, The Break & Repair Method, Val Emmich, and Virginia Coalition.  Prior to bluhammock, he consulted Velour Music on Sonya Kitchell *(Hear/Velour)  Porter was also the head of marketing at RED Ink and product managed projects by:  aqualung (Slightly Bigger/Columbia), Ari Hest (Columbia), Los Lonely Boys (Or/Epic), Delbert McClinton (New West), Aimee Mann (Super Ego), Switchfoot *(Columbia), Sigur Ros *(PIAS), and others.  While at Vector Mgmt., he oversaw the day-to-day activities for Guy Clark (Asylum), Foster & Lloyd (RCA Nashville), Nanci Griffith *(Elektra), Lyle Lovett *(Curb/MCA) and others.  He also helped in marketing other clients such as David Ball (Warner Bros. Nashville), Steve Wariner (MCA Nashvlle and Arista Nashville), and others.  Porter has also worked at KOCH Records (GM/Sr. VP A&R - in 18 months the company grew from 1.8M in annual billing to 17M), CBS Distribution, and MCA Distribution.

* denotes artist acheived the highest selling album of career during time peroid we worked together 

(as of 03.25.14)


Ben Arthur (sonaBLAST!)
Ben Arthur (sonaBLAST!)

You've heard the phrase triple threat before…but try this: singer-songwriter/novelist/video series producer and host. A quadruple (quintuple?) threat.  

Meet Ben Arthur, native of Virginia, resident of New York, and creator of the album If You Look for My Heart and a new novel (his second) called…If You Look for My Heart.  Ben's new release is a concept album interrelated with a novel, sharing themes, characters, and title.  Yes, they also stand alone as independent works of art - but when brought together the story unfolds in new and unexpected ways.

"I did some shows where I would read sections of a short story in between songs that were vaguely related to the narrative," according to Ben. "And it occurred to me that I could create a single work of art that incorporated music and literary fiction in a fundamental way.  When I realized how much it scared me, (which was a lot!) I knew I had to try."

The hushed acoustic song "Fire on a Sunny Day” is from the perspective of a young, troubled autistic character in the book: “though invisible, I’m burning inside,” the song’s simple metaphor speaking for this tongue-tied young man.

In other songs Arthur has guest artists speak for his characters: indie hip hop legend Aesop Rock (whose music is featured in the novel) is part of the hard-hitting “Love Your Enemy,” a song as much about murderous rage as love.  There are also guest appearances from singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata who is both an incidental character in the novel and a guest vocalist on the lovely ballad “Desolate,” about the emotional perils of being the other woman.  

Other songs are vintage Ben Arthur, like “So Far,” a brightly ironic love song. “So far,” Ben sings, “I want to spend my last day with you.”

Not only has Ben released five previous albums and one novel, he has performed on national television and on the internationally syndicated radio program Acoustic Café. Ben has shared the stage with artists including Dave Matthews, Tori Amos, Bruce Hornsby, Shawn Colvin, Toots and the Maytals, and Sophie B Hawkins.  His songs have been heard on ABC, CBS, Showtime, and PBS, and he has had three half hour specials devoted to his work on Sirius XM radio.

Rolling Stone has said, “Ben Arthur has the looks and hooks of John Mayer.”

And there is that video series, too.  Since 2011 Ben has hosted and co-produced  Dubway Days, in which he writes and records a song with a featured artist over the course of a day.  Guests so far have included John Wesley Harding, Ollabelle, Vienna Teng, Tracy Bonham, and Latin film star and two-time Grammy nominee Ximena.

Here's a streaming link so that you can listen to a few tracks now - LISTEN HERE
Here's a link to read an excerpt of the novel - READ HERE

If You Look for My Heart represents the latest chapter in the life of Ben Arthur, quadruple threat.  The next chapter begins in 2014 - with a NoiseTrade promotion this coming Spring.  A brand new concept album, Call & Response - will be released in late Summer.


(as of 11.21.13)


KaiL Baxley (Forty Below)
KaiL Baxley (Forty Below)
KaiL Baxley's debut album, Heatstroke/The Wind And The War - was released March 19th (via Forty Below Records [CEN/RED]) in the U.S..
Here's a Sound Cloud link you can check out w/music & bio. info. - LISTEN & READ HERE (personally, I LOVE the James Brown story, so please, please, please check out the bio. part)
  • KaiL's cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" - VIEW HERE
  • KaiL's cover of Bob Marley's "Soul Rebel" - VIEW HERE

NPR (World Cafe session/interview) - LISTEN HERE
NPR (inclusion in "All Songs Considered" SXSW feature) - LISTEN HERE
     picked by Bob Boilen as a "Top New Artist at SXSW"
NPR (World Cafe's NEXT pick) - LISTEN HERE
                                                                                                                             His first release is admittedly a two-sided affair, showcasing a more modern approach on the Heatstroke songs and a more traditional approach on The Wind and the War ones - both were originally recorded as individual EP's at roughly the same time.  We combined them to make this, his first commercial release.   The resulting album was Engineered & Produced by Eric Corne, who is now acting as KaiL's label - he believes that much.


"One hears quickly in the sultry rock song "Don't Matter To Me"that the slim, slight young man KaiL Baxley sings with the authority - the confidence and subtle eroticism - of an older man.  One discerns the different influences on the singer-songwriter; and KaiL Baxley's voice, solitary and soulful, is a strong voice that sounds traditional and reminds this listener of Chris Whitley and Amos Lee.  KaiL Baxley, who lived in the same southern town as American soul singer James Brown, Williston, has given that town anew reason for pride.
     - Daniel Garrett/The Compulsive Reader

"Baxley’s vocals are a hypnotic blend of those of Bill Withers and Amos Lee. He has an unerring feel for mixing the earthy genres he grew up with into his own bluesy, folk-rock lexicon. Songs that at first listen seem relatively inconsequential rapidly become attractive as well broken-in sweaters. Even Baxley’s previous sojourn in Africa has a subtle effect on this extraordinary full-length debut, which combines his Heatstroke/The Wind and the War."
     - Mary Leary/Daggerzine

"Baxley's voice has a peaceful wisdom with a strong driving force..."
     - Rachel McKinnie/We Are Unseen 

"Knocked my socks off...
 Simply enthralling...
 A singer-songwriter fan's wet dream.
 Seriously, I'm stuck on this one."
     - Bruce Warren / somevelvetblog 
                                                                                                                     "Baxley's music should please anyone who has fallen fleetingly for bands like The Black Keys.  His focused approach to folk and blues outstrips those superstars in terms of melodic complexity and emotional impact. impressive debut..."
      - Jordan Lawrence/Shuffle

"Don't Matter To Me" (live from Hotel Cafe) - VIEW HERE                                              5 minute introduction (short movie/EPK) video - VIEW HERE                                            a longer version is available via KaiL's site
Here's a live video of "The Wind and the War" - VIEW HERE                                               

KaiL is recording his next album now, for a planned release in late Spring 2014.  It will be proceeded by a NoiseTrade campain which will feature a cool "mixtape" of demos - this Winter.



The Howlin' Brothers (Readymade)
The Howlin' Brothers (Readymade)
  • THEIR PBS SEGMENT ON THE SUN SESSIONS HAS BEGUN TO AIR NATIONALLY                                        
  • They kick off The TROUBLE Tour officially at The Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA on April 25th
    • Their next studio album, TROUBLE - will be released on May 13th in North America & May 12th in Europe.  It was produced by Brendan Benson.  
“Here comes Trouble!  Effortless artistry.  Woebegone, lovelorn and wrought with pain, but not without installments of lightheartedness and beauty.  Downtrodden and then uplifted.  The Howlin’ Brothers are somehow able to conjure images of a bygone era and make it believable.  Trouble is all over the map and I don’t just mean figuratively.  The listener gets a glimpse into the troubadour lifestyle, traveling (among other places) to Louisiana for a Cajun romp on the bayou and across the Arizona desert to California on a search for a misses.  It’s a journey very much worth the while.  Hoooowwwwllll!”
Brendan Benson
"I sure enjoyed working on the new Howling Brothers project. They're desire to mix old and new sounds together really caught my attention. It's a good work.” 
Ricky Skaggs

 “…point blank, I love this.  They round the bases, nailing each genre (blues, zydeco, gospel, old time country roots) and delivering a powerful, powerful release.  This is how music should be performed - at least in my world.”
My Joog (3.13.14)

“The Howlin’ Brothers “Love” from their forthcoming release…takes their hill music down to Jamaica’s Blue Mountain for the world’s first sighting/sounding of bluegrass dub direct from recordings in Rasta Holler.”
The Alternate Root 2014 Valentine’s Day Sampler liner notes (2.11)

"I’ve heard whispers about The Howlin’ Brothers for a while now but never had a chance to catch a show until Folk Alliance. n They’re worth the wait.  The youthful old-time Nashville trio killed all week offering their ‘Tennessee Blues’ or covering Townes Van Zandt’s ‘White Freightliner Blues”. Brian Atkinson/CMT Edge (2.26.14) on covering Townes Van Zandt’s “White Freightliner Blues.”

• The Sun Studio Session - EP, was released in North America on October 15th will be released in Europe in October 10, 2014
"This is the house that Sam Phillips built, and it has changed little over the years.  The studio is the same sweaty room with no air conditioning.  I bet that sweat conjures up some powerful ghosts.  In their session, the Howlin' Brothers' they add a slight rockabilly twist to their normal style.  One wonders if they planned it that way, or if the magic of their surroundings took over.  It really doesn't matter, whatever their motivation, the result was a session that showcased a talented band that treated their surroundings with an appropriate reverence.  I think Sam Phillips would have given The Howlin' Brothers a contract and a Cadillac." Chip Frazier/Twangville (11.11)

"Tennessee Blues" live from Sun Studio - WATCH HERE

PBS will broadcast the entire session & interviews on over 100 stations beginning in late February/early March.  Their’s is Episode #8, in many markets it will repeat (in some, such as Los Angeles - as many as 36 times) throughout the year.

Their first national/international release, HOWL- was released March 5th in the U.S. (via Readymade, distributed via Thirty Tigers) and May 21st in Canada (via Dine Alone, distributed via Universal).   It was released in Europe on October 8th (via CRS).   HOWL was produced by Bendan Benson

HOWL appeared on many of the year end best of lists for 2013, including those at:  All Over The Place Radio (#95), Alternate Root Magazine (#81), Americana Radio Top 100 Year End Chart (#30 - it actually peaked at #6 in May and was on the chart for 24 weeks, very probably the highest charting new act at that format all year), The Austin Chronicle (#9 - Jim Caliguiri’s list), BlowUpRadio (#4 & #18),  Buzz & Howl (#2 Americana #29 Overall), Country Fried Rock (#8), Daytrotter (#15), Folk Club (#10), Fried Gold Music (“Charleston Chew” #26 song for year), Harmonica Dunn (top 7), Michael Doherty’s Music Log (#1), Overstuffed Radio (#95), Popa’s Tunes (#16), SONGbiscuit (#13), and Tupelo Honey (KRVM) - Top Songs of 2013, “Tennessee Blues” came in at #19.


"HOWL, captures the ragged energy of their live performance. It's heart-pumping, bass-thumping party music of the highest order.
Kenny Berkowitz / Acoustic Guitar (Jan 2014)
                                                                                                                                           "Of course, the quickest comparison one will make to the Howlin’ Brothers is Old Crow Medicine Show. They are the only other contemporary act to really ‘make it’ while putting out music in tribute to this dusty period of Americana. While that is a pretty easy bridge to build, the most interesting aspects of HOWL come from the ways in which this group deviates from the calculation. This is Old Crow Medicine Show for people that like a little more sweat on the microphone; the Delta Holler Funk, if you will. More than that however, the boys are willing to do a lot more playing around with influences on this record than one will typically hear in a ‘throwback’ record. You can hear elements of Jeff Tweedy (“Gone”), Dan Auerbach (“People Been Talkin’”), and even Dr. John with some dixieland brass (“Delta Queen”). Even when at their silliest, the brothers have something of interest driving the song (a Louis Armstrong scat vocal???).

 As if any more proof were necessary, Howl‘s strongest moment comes at the point when the band deviates the furthest from what you would expect to hear. On “Tell Me That You Love Me”, the old country pickin’ is about the only old country aspect of the song. Combined with a modern pop song structure and off-the-wall haunting cowboy vocal harmony in the background (that also happens to fit perfectly), this track is nothing short of fantastic. In other words, the music on Howl is about as forward thinking as any backwoods country record you will hear. The Howlin’ Brothers are using the Americana vehicle to drive something new without making it feel forced. They don’t sacrifice what makes roots music great, but they also avoid coming off like a cheap Wild West costume party. The result is one of the very few records so far this year that have me humming along after only a few listens. These songs will get stuck in your head, feet and ass quickly. For once, I’m actually thankful for it. This is one of those albums that has continually grown in my ear with each successive listen, signifying a work that is certainly more important than your standard revisionist heritage act."
Chris Bell/Buzz And Howl (12.18) - The Best Americana Releases of 2013 (HOWL #2)


The Howlin' Brothers are:   Ian Craft (Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, Kick-drum, Vocals)
                                          Jared Green (Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Vocals)
                                           Ben Plasse (Upright Bass, Banjo, Vocals)

from The Sun Studio Session EP:
  • "Dixie Fried" live from The Alternate Root studio - WATCH HERE
  • "Tennessee Blues" live from Sun Studio - WATCH HERE
from HOWL:
        • "Big Time" (official) video - WATCH HERE
  • iWFUV - 90.1 FM (NYC) in-studio video performance of "Big Time" - WATCH HERE
  • Exclaim! TV's cool performance video of “Gone"  - WATCH HERE
  • WFUV - 90.1 FM (NYC) in-studio video performance of "Delta Queen" - WATCH HERE
  • "My Dog Can't Bark" live from The Grey Eagle - WATCH HERE
  • Folk Alley performance of "Tell Me That You Love Me" - WATCH HERE
  • Folk Alley performance of "Mama Don't You Tell Me" - WATCH HERE
TROUBLE (2014) 
The Sun Studio Session (2013) 
HOWL (2013) 
Old Time All The Time (2012) 
Baker St. Blues (2011) 
Long Hard Year (2009) 
Tragic Mountain Songs (2007) 

MySpace (not active link yet) 
YouTube (not active link yet)                                                                           

(as of 03.25.14)

If Birds Could Fly
If Birds Could Fly
"Haunting mix of Americana and retro country” 
Dallas Morning News

"This humble quartet offers a refreshing take on Appalachian folk and classic Americana. If Birds Could Fly is uniquely a bird of a different feather. This Southwest VA quartet blends many genres to achieve their simplistic yet unmistakable sound. From Folk to Indie, there is something in their music that everyone can enjoy. From the soothing guitar melodies to the vocal chills, this act promises to deliver a sound truly from their heart to those willing to listen.
- Arrow Entertainment

“I strongly recommend y’all check out this band.  Brittany Carter’s vocals are amazing.”
- Jenna Elfman (actress, “Dharma & Greg”)                                                                                                   
Marquee Magazine cover (Winter 2014)
                                                                                                                                    SOME SELECT VINTAGE MEDIA:
American Songwriter (Daily Discovery 7.27.12) -
a nice iTunes Review
“Where many enthusiasts of string-band music play with the period-correct discipline of Civil War re-creationists, this humble quartet offers a refreshing take on Appalachian folk and classic Americana.  If Birds Could Fly hails from Big Stone Gap, VA and although the band’s traditional country/folk instruments and rustic tones are rooted in the past, Ghosts abounds with original song craft.  This is apparent from the folk-rocking opener 'When I’m Gone.’  Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Brittany Ashley inflects with a deep and womanly croon.  At times it sounds like she’s channeling a younger version of the late Karen Dalton - especially in more haunting songs like ‘Midnight Cigarette’, where her bandmates’ freckles backing vocals add depth.  Throughout Ghosts, the electric guitar tones resonate with an exquisite richness.  It’s especially noticeable in the outstanding ‘We Got Love,’ where what sounds like a twangy Telecaster waltzes with a weepy pedal steel.  Over this, Ashley holds court with the lovelorn, singing in a Dolly Parton-inspired quaver.  Impressive instrumentation aside, stripped-down songs like ‘White Wings’ prove the most powerful."
                                                                                                                                    SOME VIDEO:
Think Of Me (Coal Town Sessions) - WATCH HERE
Had My Fill (Coal Town Sessions) - WATCH HERE
Good Timing Woman (Coal Town Sessions) - WATCH HERE
You’re My Man (rehearsal) - WATCH HERE 
Lonely Town EP (2013) - self released (via NoiseTrade)
Ghosts (2012) - self released
No Place To Roam (2011) - self released
Instagram - ifbirdscouldflyofficial


LIRA (Otarel)
LIRA (Otarel)
  • "Something Inside So Strong" live/acoustic for ONE's agit8 campaign - VIEW HERE
  • Rise Again was released in Africa in May (via Sony) with two new songs added.  It is a best of (so far) collection re-mixed and re-mastered specially for this release, featuring highlights of her three (platinum + selling) studio albums recorded for Sony Africa.  We are working on getting a label partner outside Africa for it now.
  • LIRA: The Captured Tour (DVD/CD) was released in Africa in 2012.  It's already been certified Gold and is approaching the Platinum sales mark.  View commercial for it - HERE
  • HerStory - a coffeetable book celebrating her first decade in the music business was published in Africa this month.  It and her back catalog will be available in North America via her website in early 2014.  

    “Feel Good” (live) - VIEW HERE
   “Rise Again” (live) - VIEW HERE

     Rise Again - The Best Of, So Far (Sony Africa - 2013) 
     The Captured Tour (Otarel - 2012) DVD/CD
     Return To Love (Sony Africa - 2011) 
     Live In Concert - A Celebration (Sony Africa - 2009) DVD/CD
     Soul In Mind (Sony Africa - 2008) 
     Feel Good (Sony Africa - 2006) 
     All My Love (999 - 2003) 

Much more to come...

DeliRadio (not set up yet)
MySpace (not current)

(as of 11.21.13)


Amy Speace (Wind Bone)
Amy Speace (Wish Bone)
Amy Speace's new album, How To Sleep On A Stormy Boat was released in the U.S. via her own wind bone imprint and distributed via Tone Tree on April 16th.  It was released in Europe via CRS on June 7th. It's already by 5x the most successful and visible album of her career.    
                                                        It's a beautiful song cycle Produced by Nielson Hubbard that includes guest performances by John Fullbright ("The Sea And The Shore", Ben Sollee ("Lullaby Under The Willow"), & Mary Gauthier ("Left Me Hanging").

How To Sleep On A Stormy Boat -  LISTEN HERE 

Same Old Storm EP (a January 2014 release, the 6th in Europe, the 28th everywhere else) - LISTEN HERE
  • Mountain Stage appearance - LISTEN HERE
  • All Things Considered (NPR) feature on Amy - LISTEN HERE
  • "Music Match" feature - VIEW HERE
  • The video for "The Sea & The Shore" (w/John Fullbright) premiered via - VIEW HERE
  • WNYC's Soundcheck exclusively premiered the full How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat album - LISTEN HERE
  • Thanks For Giving A Damn (podcast) - episode featuring Amy - LISTEN HERE
  • NoiseTrade "Best Of, So Far" collection - GET HERE
Amy is a member (and the ring leader) of Decembersongs - a seasonal gathering of various friends who tour together each year in December and sometimes commit songs/performances to recordings.  This years' model features Amy's friends Rod Picott, and Doug & Telisha Williams (a.k.a. The Wild Ponies).  They've recorded the EP, An East Nashville Christmas which will be released digitally November 26th - LISTEN HERE


"Should you not already have got the memo, her sixth album (How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat) shows her scaling new heights as a singer and songwriter.  This album is a standalone, but I recommend the "Deluxe Edition." which includes the six song EP, Same Old Storm, because you can't have too much Amy Speace."
     - John Conquest/3rd Coast Music (October, 2013)
                                                                                                                              "There are a lot of artists with little talent, who've got a lot of credits.  Amy Speace's got a lot of talent, but little credits."
     - Live Stream Magazine (October 6) - live concert review from Holland
                                                                                                                         "From the exquisite 'Lullabye Under The Willow' to the Celtic lament of 'Bring Me Back My Heart', it's her voice, with the immaculate production of Neilson Hubbard which offers solitude without loneliness."
     - Gareth Hayes/R2 (September, 2013)

"Speace proves that melancholy is not just for gloomy  winter months, even if this wonderful music may make you long for those when listening to it. Which we very strongly encourage you to do. And enjoy…." 
     - Norbert Tebarts/Written In Music (June 13, 2013)

"...she declares, humble and headstrong, delivering her lines simply and elegantly, as is her way.  ...(she) is more interested in setting subdued scenes and letting listeners do the rest.  ...she makes spartan use of accompanying instruments, using acoustic guitar, cello and the occasional drum beat for little more than ambiance.  All she needs is a melody and a nature metaphor or two, and she'll break it down like a grateful survivor - not a bad thing to be."
     - Music & Musician Magazine (May 2013)

"Speace, who overcame a case of acute laryngitis that threatened to leave her without a singing voice, bounces back and delivers arguably her most intense and passionate set.  Anyone touched by the pains that life inevitably deivers will identify with this beautiful, occasionally insular, music created by someone wo has obviously lived through similar difficulties and understands the universality of these feelings."
     - Hal Horowitz/American Songwriter
                                                                                                                              "The instrumentation is acoustic xxx;  the songs, are built on often, but not exclusively, gentle yet steady fresh metaphors and ideas and hooky tones.  This one's a good introduction if you've not caught up with her before, and another strong one even if you have."
     - Barry Mazor/Engine 145 

"Amy Speace is a rising star."
     - USA Today
                                                                                                                              "Her velvety, achy voice recalls an early Lucinda Williams.  Sounding grounded but wounded, Speace exudes the vulnerability of someone who's loved and lost."
     - NPR
                                                                                                                              "Of you bemoan the lack of solid singer-songwriters in the world who can bridge inner turmoil with universal experience, Speace is just what you need to hear."
     - The Washington Post
                                                                                                                               "Amy Speace sounds uncannily like a 21st Century Joan Baez, her timbered voice full of genuine emotions...the record soars with salient vocals and poetic lyrics."
     - The Classic Rock Examiner
                                                                                                                              "There are voices that serve as a bridge from the past to the future and act as soul connectors, and as a people we need them to keep singing. They tell us who we are, somehow. History resonates in them, and yet their sound is contemporary.  These voices open hearts with this rare, one in a million quality. Amy Speace has such a voice, and I am not the only one who hears it. Just ask the legendarily discerning Judy Collins; she'll tell you. Amy's got it, and then some. She is a timeless artist, a time traveler. Part past, part future. And that’s a good thing, a really good thing." 
     - Mary Gauthier
  • Showcasing at Folk Alliance in Kansas City, MO - Feb 19th - 22nd
  • here's alive version of "The Sea And The Shore" w/John Fullbright shot this Oct - VIEW HERE
  • Amy created live (in studio) videos for three other songs from the new record, they are:  "The Fortunate Ones" - VIEW HERE                                                              "How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat" - VIEW HERE                                               "Bring Me Back My Heart" - VIEW HERE
     "Weight Of The World" - VIEW HERE

     Same Old Boat - EP (Wind Bone 2014)
     How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat (Wind Bone - 2013)
     How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat - Deluxe Edition (Wind Bone - 2013)
     Land Like A Bird (Thirty Tigers - 2011)
     Into The New: Alternates, Leftovers, and Orphans - EP (Wildflower - 2010)
     Killer In Me (Wildflower - 2009) 
     Songs For Bright Street (Wildflower - 2006)
     Fable (Twangirl - 2002)

          Decembersongs - An East Nashville Christmas (2013)
          decembersongs - decembersongs (Red Hen- 2010)
          Sid Selvidge - I Should Be Blue (Archer - 2010)
          Born To The Breed: A Tribute to Judy Collins (Wildflower - 2008)

(as of 11.25.13)


Paul Kelly (Dawgaggie/CEN)
Paul Kelly (Dawg Aggie)
Paul Kelly is a living legend in his native Australia.  Possibly the best singer-songwriter that country has produced, he is also recognized worldwide as a master of his craft.  CEN released, Songs from the South, The Best of Vols 1 & 2 on October 25th (physically) last year and tried to help promote his book, How To Make Gravy (released in North America Oct 12th via Penquin International) and his 8 disc box set A to Z at the same time.  His first North American dates in many years in September, all SOLD OUT.   More US A to Z dates followed in February & March of this year (most of which SOLD OUT, as well).  We're also began a catalog re-issue campaign this Summer that will run into 2014.  The first three releases in the series were Post (never before released in North America), Comedy, and Wanted Man. The second batch of re-issues will come out On Sept. 25th and include:  Smoke, Deeper Water, and Words And Music. The next batch of re-issues will be released in February 2013.  
On November 6th, we will release Paul Kelly's first new studio album in five years - Spring And Fall.  An Australian Music Radio Special hosted by Paul Kelly will be serviced to AAA, Americana, and Folk radio at that time.  In early January, we'll begin to work Spring And Fall at those same radio formats.  He'll also be doing a promotional tour in January to support the record and set up his extensive touring planned for mid-April through mid-June.  The markets targeted for January include:  Seattle, WA (where he'll perform at The Triple Door);  Boulder, CO (where he'll tape an etown segment);  San Francisco, CA; Toronto, ON;  Ann Arbor, MI (where he'll tape Acoustic Cafe); Chicago, IL (where he'll perform at The Old Town School Of Folk Music); Minneapolis, MN (where he'll perform a show);  Park City Utah (an appearance at ASCAP's Sundance Cafe);  New York, NY; Washington, DC;  Philadelphia, PA; and Los Angeles, CA (special performance at The Grammy Museum).  
As mentioned, beginning in mid-April - he'll perform over 50 concert dates in North America - with his nephew Dan Kelly at his side.  In the Summer of 2013, the documentary - Paul Kelly:  Stories Of Me (which premiered at The Melbourne International Film Festival in August will hopefully get some exposure on cable TV outlets in North America before it's commercial release on DVD in September.  

MUCH, MUCH more to come...
Here's his video for "How To Make Gravy" (which is also a great & touching Christmas song)

I am humbled...a great songwriter.
       - Lucinda Williams
“His songwriting is up there with the greats....the bittersweet and hard-core honesty of his lyrics - and his perfect, direct, 
often hilarious delivery - is the sort of thing you'll only see once in a lifetime if you're lucky. Drop everything, gather your 
posse, and go see him while he's over on this side of the planet: he's astonishing."
        - Amanda Palmer

“There is something unique and powerful about the way Kelly mixes up everyday detail with the big issues of life, death, love and struggle — not a trace of pretense or fakery in there.” 
        - Neil Finn/Crowded House

“If I was only allowed to listen to one artist for the rest of my life, I would choose Paul Kelly.”
        - Kasey Chambers

“One of the best albums of the year.”
        - John Shelton Ivany/National News Bureau (Oct 11, 2011)

When he hits the sweet spot on ballads such as the lovely "You're 39, You're Beautiful and You're Mine," he has few equals. He's a class act, as these 40 selections indisputably prove, and here's hoping he continues this impressive streak for another  few decades, only with many more fans.”
Hal Horowitz/All Music Guide (Oct 9, 2011)

“A staggering reinterpretation of a singer-songwriter amongst the greatest of his – or any other – generation.”
        - Andy Fyle/MOJO (October 2011) - review of A to Z boxset

Paul Kelly is the best artist to come out of Australia, bar none. And I had never heard of him before I received Paul Kelly's
Greatest Hits: Songs from the South Volumes 1 & 2
. Now, it's like audio crack. I can't get enough.  Two discs, 40 songs, and over 150 minutes of music make this the best Aussie album to hit the States in a long time. Then you realize that somehow, Paul Kelly has been under the radar for over 25 years. That's criminal. Kelly is one of the best singer/ songwriters in the world. After listening to this gem, I guarantee you'll think the same. 
Tim Wardyn/ink19 (Sept 30, 2011)

The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this is the first Paul Kelly album I've owned. Have I wasted twenty-five years of my life? 
Michael Doherty/Michael Doherty’s Music Log

Best damned two-disc package on the market today.  Kelly doesn't do anything fancy. His music is straight on rock with mild influences (meaning that you can hear a little country here and a little soul there, but it isn't country or soul—it's Paul Kelly). The thing is, he writes so damn good and presents what he writes so well that you don't notice. A musician friend of mine once said that for him, the best compliment to his music was when people liked it for itself and not its influences. Fits for Kelly. Damn good stuff. Damn good. Forty songs good. No. Forty songs great.”
            Frank Gutch Jr./FAME & (Sept 23, 2011)

(as of 10/17/12)


"an Acoustic Cafe' evening"
There will be no tour in 2013 - but it will return in 2014.

The third annual “An Acoustic Café Evening Tour” was again hosted by Carrie Rodriguez.  This year her guests included her friends:    Erin McKeown (1/24-1/30), Pieta Brown (1/31-2/4), and Kelly Joe Phelps.  
In 2014, it will debut on the West coast (US) & western mountain states. Hoping to include the East coast US, Holland & the UK in 2015 plans.


“The Acoustic Café Tour is smartly arranged as a study in post-Lilith Fair, singer-songwriter contrasts. Veteran songwriter Mary Gauthier sings with a cutting drawl and writes brutal fables that merit comparisons to both Flannery O'Connor and Townes Van Zandt. Carrie Rodriguez also knows how to hold an audience with a sculpted lyric, but her method is a sweeter science, part fiddle brilliance, part Texas soul. The youngest of the three, Erin McKeown, brings some levity and pop impulses to the bill and should be a draw for fans of Ani DiFranco's satirical groove folk. If you're looking for a night of dainty songbirds in polished folkie cages, disappointment is certain — this trio has sharper, shrewder songs to share."
               - Roy Kasten, Riverfront Times (Feb 10, 2011)
"Rodriguez hit the ground running with 2006's country-minded debut, Seven Angels on a Bicycle. Last year's album, Love and Circumstance, centers on singer-songwriter twang, particularly the cuts featuring Buddy Miller. Rodriguez's croon has a husky tinge like honey with a touch of spice, and she takes some clever lyrical turns: She compares someone with a "'50s French Movie" (When do I take my clothes off?) and confesses, I learned all the words of love in my dictionary. Expect more of the singer's sultry voice and subtle wit at her Acoustic Café Tour date at Knuckleheads."
               - Chris Parker, The Pitch (Feb 08, 2011)

"I've become a pretty big fan of Rodriguez over the past two years. She just released an excellent new album with Ben Kyle titled 'We Still Love Our
Country,' and I would imagine a few of those songs will be on display. Rodriguez's 'Love and Circumstance,' which came out last year, was also wonderful, so she's at the top of her game (and her last show at The Old Rock House was top notch). - from preview to "an Acoustic Cafe evening" show"
               - Jason Gonulsen, Metromix St. Louis (Feb 06, 2011) 


Acoustic Café is a two hour weekly radio show, and an independent media production of RDR Radio, LLC. The program is produced and hosted by Rob Reinhart who started the show in 1995. Each week, listeners around the globe tune in to Acoustic Café to hear the latest from today’s great songwriting talents. 2010 marked some changes for Acoustic Cafe with the addition of the “an Acoustic Cafe Evening” tour" (returning in 2011), "Acoustic Cafe Live @ Top Of The Park," a summer series with The Ann Arbor Summer Festival and promotion of the 34th Annual Ann Arbor Folk Festival, a fundraiser for The Ark. More information aboutAcoustic Cafe can be found at or on Facebook.

(as of 10/17/12)