January Jane -


          JARED DECK 


  • Move A Little Closer3:12
  • Strange Perfume4:21
  • Some Dreams Do4:57
  • Someday at Christmas3:40
  • Merry Christmas, Baby4:21
  • How To Make Gravy (Extended)5:16
  • It's Only Christmas3:35
  • When We're Both Mad & Old (w/Kasey Chambers)2:22
  • Fast Car5:21
  • Grace of God (radio edit)4:15
  • I've Got No Trouble3:05
  • Somewhere Blue4:45
  • Great American Breakdown3:07
  • New York City Lover3:13
  • Try Love3:41

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Amy Speace - new album Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne was Produced by Neilson Hubbard & was released September 6th in North America - via WindBone/Smith Music & Proper Music in Europe (& the rest of the world).  The video for the title track and first single, premiered July 12th via Billboard. That song has also just been nominated as "International Song Of The Year" by the Americana UK Awards - we'll discover the results on Jan 30t, she'll be performing the song on the Awards Show that evening.. A second single, "Ginger Ale and Lorna Doones" was released worldwide on August 23rd. A third single, "Some dreams Do" was released Oct. 11th, a fourth single, "Grace Of God (edit)" was be released Nov. 8th. She's appearing on the WMOT Live Christmas broadcast being streamed live via LIVE Wire & NPR Music on Decemember 16th at 5pm (CST). She's on tour now!  Much more to come...


Chris Berardo​ - new album, Wilder All The Time was Produced by David Abetya & is being readied for release in 2020. A New single, "Somewhere Blue" was released November 15th to start the ball rolling.  It was gifted early to his Existing (very patcient) Fan base as a thank you! A Lawyer dance is in motion.  As he's happiest on stage, he'll always be on the road as much as possible, even more once the album comes out.                                                  

Co-managed Worldwide w/3Sixty


January Jane These guys are already arena ready talent & performance wise.  We're preparing their first full length album for release in 2020.  a national radio tour will presage the first singles' release.  Building their team as we await the end of a lawyer dance.                                           

Co-managed Worldwide w/3Sixty

Jared Deck - His new album, Bully Pulpit was released in North America  June 28th & in Europe via CRS on September 13th. We'll begin an Americana & AAA Non-com radio campaign with "Great American Breakdown" in early 2020..  The very fun video for it already premiered via Rolling Stone Country.                             

Co-managed Worldwide w/3Sixty                                                                                                                                                                                            

Jason James - new album, Seems Like Tears Ago was Produced by John Evans was released worldwide on Oct 4th via his own label, Melodyville (dist. by Smith Music).  The first single, "Move A Little Closer" was released commercially worldwide on Sept 20th & began going  for ADDS at Americana & Texas/Red Dirt radio beginning Oct. 1st. The Album premired in it's entirety via Billboard Sept 18th.  The Album hit #1 on the Alt Country Speciaty Chart on Oct 23rd! As of this writing, after 11 weeks at radio we're at #31 on the Americana Album Chart (up ten spots from the previous week). The single jumped from #57 to #32 last week (a 25 point increase)! The Philadelphia Inquirer just tapped the album as one of the "10 best Country/Roots Albums of 2019". On tour in Texas now, branching out to the rest of North America & Europe in 2020.                             


Nobody's Girl (aka Bettysoo, Rebecca Loebe, & Grace Pettis) - their debut EP, waterline was released in 2018. Yes, they've begun the process of making their first full length album. Touring as a unit and as as individuals all the time! Two new Christmas singles, "Somewhere at Christmas" & "Merry Christmas, Baby" were released worldwide October 25th +  a cool version of "Fast Car" came out november 1st.. They will be showcasing at SXSW 2020. Their first full length, self-titled album will be released July 10th, it will be proceeded by the release of a first single on March 6th. Much, much more to come...

 Paul Kelly - Songs From The South: Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits 1995-2019 will be released January 10th in North America via Gawdaggie/Cooking Vinyl. It's already reached #1 in Australia (his third #1 album in a row there) - it contains 43 songs! In addition to greatest hits, it feaures A new song, "When We're Both Old And Mad" (feat. Kasey Chambers), Of course the now seasonal classic, "How To Make Gravy" is included too.  December 21st is "Gravy Day"Making Gravy shows are happening in Australia with his very special guests Courtney Barnett & Kate Miller-Heidke. Paul also appears on Courtney's new MTV Unplugged EP coming out in February, performing the Archie Roach song "Charcoal Lane" with her. He's also released a selection of his favorite poetry, Love Is Strong As Death in Australia (only) via Penquin Books.

North American Artist Management w/One Louder Entertainment (Australia)

Stephen Clair ​- his new album, Strange Perfume was Produced by Malcolm Burn. It was released worldwide October 11th via his own Rock City Records imprint (Distributed by Smith Music) & was proceeded by the Sept 20th release of the title track. The second single. "What Got In Your Head" was released Nov. 1st. A stand alone Christmas single, "It's Only Christmas" was released October 25th - it's also been added Digitally  to his previous album, PushBacks.  "Mad" was released as a single December 6th, and we start the new year with the release of "I've Got No Trouble" on January 3rd. This is a great Rock 'N' Roll album with intelligence & Attitude. He's Gonna tour across America in 2020 -  He just signed with Green Room Music for Booking...

Please refer to each artists' website AND/OR Facebook PAGE for the latest details and touring information Available                                                                                                                         (as 12.14.19))