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  • Chris Berardo​ - new album, Wilder All The Time will be released on April 5th in North America.  Will be worked to  AAA-non com & Americana radio formats.  As he's happiest on stage, he'll always be on the road as much as possible, even more once the album comes out.                                     Co-managed Worldwide w/360 Degrees​​


  • January Jane - readying a series of EP's to presage a full album release.  The first EP will be released in January (natch) and will be worked to Active Rock.  They are New York City based, so we'll expand their touring & fan base from there.  Building their team now...                                              Co-managed Worldwide w/360 Degrees

  • Jared Deck - new album, Bully Pulpit will be released in January 18th.  An EP, Live at 115 was released on August 22nd as a NoiseTrade exclusive (at first - it will be released December 7th digitally worldwide) to help start the conversation.  The first single from the new record, "Great American Breakdown" will be released January 4th.                                                                                                                                                                        Co-managed Worldwide w/360 Degrees                                                                                                                                                                                             


  • Jason James - new album, Seems Like Tears Ago will be released February 1st - worldwide.  The first single, "Move A Little Closer" will be released January 11th.  The album will be worked to Americana & Texas/Red Dirt radio.  He'll begin touring outside of Texas in 2019 too.                                     Co-managed Worldwide w/360 Degrees​


  • Paul Kelly - new studio album, Nature was released worldwide Octover 12th, and immediately reached the #1 spot on the ARIA Pop Chart in his native Australia.  He is up for an ARIA Award this November for "Best Live Act".  Working to make his seasonal Christmas classic "How To Make Gravy" more popular outside Australia, meanwhile there he'll host three huge Gravy Day shows (two of which have already SOLD OUT).   

​​            North American Artist Management w/One Louder Entertainment (Australia)


  • Sam Morrow - new album, Concrete And Mud reached #10 on the Americana chart in the US (in July) and peaked at #5 in Europe (in May).  The first single "Quick Fix" reached Top 20 at Americana and charted at AAA non-com.  The second single, "Paid By The Mile" is at Americana, Texas/Red Dirt, and AAA radio now.  He was just featured on the Walking The Floor podcast (11.5), and his live set from AmericanaFest 2018 will be be featured on World Cafe & NPR Music, Friday Nov. 11th.  Texas dates in November.  His first European band tour Jan 21st-Feb 14th (he'll be showcasing at AmericanaUK Fest 2019 too).                                                                                                                                                                                 Co-managed Worldwide w/360 Degrees


  • Romantica - new album, Outlaws was released June 8th.  "Love In The Winter" will be the first focus track at Americana & AAA radio in mid-November.  Is there room for beautiful music in the soundtrack to your life?                                                                                                                                                Consulting - Managed by September Gurl


Please refer to each artists' website AND/OR Facebook PAGE for the latest details and touring information Available

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        ​PAUL KeLLY - 

​  www.PaulKelly.com.au

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         ​Jason James - www.JasonJamesBand.com

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          JARED DECK 


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  • Paid By The Mile4:53
  • With The One I Love2:29
  • How To Make Gravy (Extended)5:16
  • Love In The Winter4:05
  • Great American Breakdown3:07
  • Move A Little Closer3:12
  • New York City Lover3:13
  • Try Love3:41

        Sam Morrow